Poppy Dog accessories are all creatively inspired, pet friendly and made locally.

About Poppy Dog Inc.

PoppyDog Inc. came to be because of a beautiful black lab named Lily. As lovely as Lily was everyone believed her to be a male, even when she wore pink! This was when we had the idea to fashion a very large pink flower to attach to her collar, and from that day on she was always a lovely and girly black lab. This flower idea grew as more and more of our dog friends also wanted a pretty flower to adorn their collars and leashes. Not only are the flowers adorable to look at, they are all made by hand to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship. Now the collar and leash needed to be beautiful and handsome, for our boys, as well as fun and colourful as our pups personalities. Ever since PoppyDog has been creating fun, unique and strong leashes and collars. All are hand crafted in Alberta, Canada using Canadian sourced materials. We always ensure our products are of the highest quality and value. No leash, collar or flower ever leaves our workshop if it isn't up to our highest of standards. At PoppyDog Inc., we pride ourselves in providing fun, unique and quality accessories for our four legged best friends.